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The Video Mapping Loops Bundle Vol.1 is a collection of 10 premium 3D Mapping Loops Packs designed for architectural and interior video mapping projection. You can get all the packs in one bundle, and they come with a royalty-free license for multipurpose use. Take advantage of this special offer to get the best price for these high-quality mapping loops.

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Exclusive 3d displacement visuals bundle

10 Video Mapping Loops Pack in one bundle for architectural 3D projection mapping


This bundle contains 10 Mapping Loops Packs designed for architectural and interior video mapping. By downloading this bundle, you will have access to a wide variety of animations and visual effects that can be used to transform the building you are projecting onto. You can make the building appear as if it’s falling apart, rotating, or transforming. You can also flood it, cover it in gold or plants, and much more. This bundle allows you to work smart and get more for your money by ordering Mapping Loops in a bundle.

You’ll surely find inspiration within these magic black and white visual textures!Β 

Video Mapping Loops Website

Exclusive 10 Video Mapping Loops Packs in one Bundle

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Full HD 1920×1080

Frame Rate

29-60 Fps


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10 Packs

Video Mapping Loops Website
First & second edition of legendary video loops pack

Introducing Projection 3D Video Mapping Loops Pack Vol.2 – Smart Backgrounds, which is an amalgamation of various animation styles and video mapping trends. This incredible pack offers a wide range of visual effects such as Displacing Geometry, Motion Wireframe Textures, Rotating Cubes, Falling Walls, and Pixel Sorting, all in one place.

With 62 Full HD Visuals, this pack is perfect for 3D mapping and has recently been updated with new content. By downloading Video Mapping Loops Pack Vol.2 – Smart Backgrounds, you can create your own Projection Mapping Show quickly and efficiently, without the need for plugins or scripts.

Create & Destroy

Introducing Projection 3D Video Mapping Loops Pack Vol.3 – Fallen Walls, a stunning collection of Full HD 3D animations that depict the demolition of walls and geometries. This pack features 42 high-quality video mapping loops that are perfect for projection mapping. Plus, it’s been recently updated with even more exciting content.

The 3D visuals included in this pack can also serve as video transitions for your next project, adding a unique and dynamic element to your video productions. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your visuals and impress your audience with the captivating imagery of Fallen Walls.

Liquid your architecture

Introducing Projection 3D Video Mapping Loops Pack Vol.4 – Fluid Walls, a collection of 28 high-quality mapping loops specifically designed for architectural and interior video mapping projection. These studio-quality animations feature realistic liquid and fabric simulations that create an immersive and magical visual experience. With these loops, you can easily create a beautiful waterfall effect on your facade or interior walls, adding another dimension to your visual set. Let Fluid Backgrounds elevate your visual performance to new heights!

Ultra-wide visuals for wide-scale architecture

Projection 3D Video Mapping Loops Pack Vol.5 – Panorama Indoor, featuring 50 ultra-wide video mapping loops that are perfect for architectural and large-scale interior video mapping projection performances. These ultra-wide panoramic 3D animations are suitable for stage shows or architectural mapping shows. With high resolution and studio quality animations, you can be sure to provide your audience with an immersive visual experience.

Strip your Facade!

Video Mapping Loops Collection Vol.6 – Wireframe Design! This pack offers an array of stunning wire texture animations, perfect for building projection mapping or creating glitch atmospheres at your shows. It’s a perfect addition to any visual bank. These high-quality animations come with pixel-perfect wire frames that will make your project stand out. With 26 mapping loops, it’s perfect for both architectural and interior video mapping projection shows.

Best Video Mapping CollectionΒ  – Free Updated

Projection 3D Video Mapping Loops Pack Vol.8 – Special Mix, a gold edition featuring our best-selling loops for 3D projection mapping. This collection boasts a range of effects, including 3D extrude, breaking walls, and object transformation, among others. With this set, you can effortlessly create your own stunning mapping show. The pack includes 30 high-quality mapping loops that will add an extra touch of magic to your performance

Special 3D Mapping transitions masks

Projection 3D Video Mapping Loops collection, Vol.10 – Rock Transitions!

This pack features a total of 32 high-quality mapping loops specifically designed for architectural and interior video mapping projections. With this transition pack, you can add some stunning visual effects to your shows or presentations. These pixel-perfect video loops can be used on buildings, architectural facades, or custom-designed stages.

You’ll find a variety of 3D extrudes, animations, and transitions that are sure to make your show stand out. Whether you’re looking to create a dynamic opening sequence or a smooth transition between scenes, this pack has got you covered. And with its high-resolution visuals, you can be sure that your audience will be blown away by the stunning visuals.

Pixel sorting effects for Projection Mapping

Projection 3D Video Mapping Loops Collection N11 – Pixel Sorting! This collection features futuristic-looking loops that can be used to displace and break walls, and even create new ones. They are perfect for building mapping shows and can be projected on any facade. For the best 3D projection mapping experience, turn off the lights and watch as the high-quality content with alpha background brings the walls to life. With 38 video mapping loops in full HD 1080p60fps resolution, these loops also make awesome video transitions. Don’t miss out on the awesome displace effect they can provide!

Rotating and turning 3d geometric elements

Experience the ultimate bundle to take your building projection mapping project to the next level with Video Mapping Loops Collection N14 – Rotating Elements. This bundle contains 34 Full HD 1920X1080 Video Loops with 60fps and 9 Panoramic 5760X1080 60fps visuals. The collection offers a variety of 3D wall extrusions, breaking walls, symmetrical, and geometric animations. All the loops are designed with an alpha background and high contrast shadows, which provides the perfect 3D illusion through projection mapping. Watch as walls turn, break and deform with these stunning visuals.

Extrude your architecture!

Video Mapping Loops Collection N6 – Extruding Facade! This collection contains 34 unique mapping loops that are perfect for architectural and interior video projection. Each loop features an extrude 3D effect with displaced cubes, squares, and segments, adding a dynamic and captivating dimension to your projections. Use these loops to displace and transform the facade of your building or interior space, creating a stunning visual display that will leave a lasting impression.

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Fields of Use:

A versatile digital creation suitable for various uses

Payment Methods

For Projection Mapping

Immersive 3D visuals designed for video mapping on architectural structures, interiors, DJ stages, or even in fulldome theaters. The content can also be used for projection mapping on objects such as cubes, triangles, statues or decorative elements.

For VJ-ing & Online Streaming

Video loops are intended for VJ-ing and video mixing, and can be used for a variety of events. They are particularly useful for touring VJs and live stage performances, as well as for TV broadcasting and online streaming.

For VR & AR Projects

These creative digital assets are specifically intended for use in VR and AR projects. They can be used for video editing and post-production projects, as well as for designing 3D environments and levels in virtual reality.

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FullHD 1920×1080


29fps, 30fps, 50fps



Alpha Channel



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10 Mapping Loops Packs