Cube Maps — 3D Video Mapping Loops Collection N7


You can enhance your cube projection mapping projects with Video Mapping Loops Collection N7 – Cube Maps. This pack includes 25 pattern mapping loops specially designed for object cube projection mapping, as well as 40 source quad resolution video clips. Additionally, you can download 3D displacement maps and video patterns that will add depth and texture to your cube and box projection mapping projects.

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Video Mapping Loops Website
Special for Building Projection

Download Cube Maps — 3D Video Mapping Loops Collection N7


Discover our unique Video Mapping Loops Collection, which features a range of exclusive video patterns that are perfect for object projection mapping. With this collection, you’ll get access to 40 individual clips that come in a quad resolution of 1500×1500 pixels, as well as 25 clips that are rendered in 3002×1504 pixels, making them ideal for video pattern projection on objects. All of our visuals are expertly encoded in Mov Photojpeg and Mov DXV, ensuring that you get high-quality videos every time. This collection has been produced especially for cubes and quad object projection video mapping shows, allowing you to create truly spectacular and memorable displays.

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Create Video Mapping 90% faster without plugins or scripts


Introducing our original Video Mapping Loops Pack produced in higher resolution and 29fps frame rate – the Video Mapping Loops Collection N7 – Cube Maps. This pack was developed especially for VJs, Digital Visual Artists, and Motion Designers. With the Cube Maps collection, you can create stunning object Video Mapping performances on various cubic structures.

What’s great about this pack is that you can create Video Mapping 90% faster without plugins or scripts. The 3D effect video footage included in the pack allows you to achieve impressive results for your Video Projection Show. You can use this pack with any VJ and Video Mapping software you prefer, making it highly compatible. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your Video Mapping to the next level with our Cube Maps collection.


Quad 1500×1500
Pattern 3002×1504

Frame Rate

29 Fps


Mov Photojpeg
Mov Dxv


40 clips
25 clips

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A versatile digital creation suitable for various uses

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For Projection Mapping

Immersive 3D visuals designed for video mapping on architectural structures, interiors, DJ stages, or even in fulldome theaters. The content can also be used for projection mapping on objects such as cubes, triangles, statues or decorative elements.

For VJ-ing & Online Streaming

Video loops are intended for VJ-ing and video mixing, and can be used for a variety of events. They are particularly useful for touring VJs and live stage performances, as well as for TV broadcasting and online streaming.

For VR & AR Projects

These creative digital assets are specifically intended for use in VR and AR projects. They can be used for video editing and post-production projects, as well as for designing 3D environments and levels in virtual reality.

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FullHD 1920×1080




MOV Photojpeg



Alpha Channel





5 Gb


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