Projection Foil — 3D Video Mapping Loops Collection N28


Introducing the Projection Foil — 3D Video Mapping Loops Collection №28, which contains 22 high-quality video loops designed specifically for architectural and interior video projection. Each loop features a 3D effect of thin textures that seem to stick or peel off in various shapes and fragments, creating abstract visuals that add depth and intrigue to your mapping show.

With these stunning visuals, you can create great illusions that will captivate your audience and take your projection mapping show to the next level. The loops are produced in high quality, ensuring that your show will be both spectacular and professional.

Whether you’re a VJ, media artist, or just looking to add some visual flair to your event, these loops are a perfect addition to your video mapping project. So why wait? Download Projection Foil — 3D Video Mapping Loops Collection №28 today and transform your show into an unforgettable experience!

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Video Mapping Loops Website
Special for Building Projection

Download Projection Foil — 3D Video Mapping Loops Collection №28


These 3D animations are incredibly detailed, with each intricate element resembling a living entity, and playing a crucial role in the grand body of work. It’s impressive how even the smallest pieces contribute to the overall picture. As experts in the field, we understand and appreciate the artist’s commitment to perfectionism. These stunning visuals can help you achieve your aspirations and take your 3D mapping and VJing skills to new heights. Additionally, you can use these Video Mapping Loops as Video Displacement Maps and textures for innovative projects in 3D environments, virtual reality, or game design!

The Abstract 3D visuals exhibit high-quality textures of adhesive fabric that move and stick to the screen, or peel off in various ways. The pack includes 22 premium visuals that can create realistic mapping show illusions of a changing facade structure. The Projection Stickers Mapping Loops Pack is specially designed for VJs and Media Artists involved in creating architectural/interior projections or live mixing. It’s developed by Alexander Kuiava and is ideal for different architectural styles, such as Ancient, Islamic, Asian, Gothic, Modern, Baroque, Futuristic, Neo, and more.

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Immerse your audience in a surreal world of morphing textures and strange shapes with Projection Stickers Mapping Loops Pack. With 22 high-quality visuals, this pack allows you to create stunning illusions of changing facade structures that will leave your viewers in awe. Each piece of texture in the pack is designed with a sticky effect that smoothly covers the screen and peels off in different ways, making for a unique and captivating visual experience.

This pack was developed by Alexander Kuiava, and is specially crafted for VJs and Media Artists who are involved in creating architectural and interior projections or live mixing. It is perfect for a variety of architectural styles, including Ancient, Islamic, Asian, Gothic, Modern, Baroque, Futuristic, and Neo. With Projection Stickers Mapping Loops Pack, you can take your projection mapping to the next level and amaze your audience with stunning visuals.


4K 4096×2304

Frame Rate

30 Fps


Mov Photojpeg
Mov Dxv


22 clips
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A versatile digital creation suitable for various uses

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For Projection Mapping

Immersive 3D visuals designed for video mapping on architectural structures, interiors, DJ stages, or even in fulldome theaters. The content can also be used for projection mapping on objects such as cubes, triangles, statues or decorative elements.

For VJ-ing & Online Streaming

Video loops are intended for VJ-ing and video mixing, and can be used for a variety of events. They are particularly useful for touring VJs and live stage performances, as well as for TV broadcasting and online streaming.

For VR & AR Projects

These creative digital assets are specifically intended for use in VR and AR projects. They can be used for video editing and post-production projects, as well as for designing 3D environments and levels in virtual reality.

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4K 4096×2304




MOV Dxv, MOV Photojpeg






10 Gb


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